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Beauty Tools

Beauty Tools

People have many reasons for shopping in natural food stores and for seeking out products that are natural, organic or locally produced. The one thing that most agree on, though, is that they're looking to make a positive choice for themselves, their families and the world.

While we can't claim that our beauty tools are organic or local, we can give you one excellent reason to feel good about purchasing them: Quality.

Every Sow Good metal beauty tool has been tested to ensure that it will function for life. This means you won't be adding to landfills by trashing dozens of tools in your lifetime.

Denco has made this pledge for over 40 years and we stand behind our quality promise with a lifetime guarantee. If any metal Sow Good tool is found to be defective or fails to function, it can be sent back to us for repair or replacement... for life, and for free.

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There are many styles of tools designed to help you keep your nails trimmed, but which one is right for you?

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Our Neat Clip Nail Clipper combines the quick, easy clipping of a traditional clipper with some fun colors and extra features.