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Pumice Sponge

Our Sow Good Pumice Sponge is a gentle, hygienic option for smoothing rough skin and reducing light calluses. It exfoliates and removes stains from the skin and it also disintegrates slowly with exposure to water to minimize bacterial or product buildup on its surface.
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Pumice Sponge

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If you want to smooth out any rough patches on your elbows or knees, or eliminate some light callusing on your hands or feet, then this pumice sponge is a great choice. It is also an excellent alternative to using an oily salt or sugar scrub as an all-over body exfoliator. When used with soap and water, it gently but effectively removes stains from the skin.
1. Use during a shower or bath. 2. Wet the sponge and gently scrub areas of rough skin, such as elbows and knees, or areas with light callusing, such as feet and hands. Alternatively, apply a dime-sized amount of body wash to the surface of the pumice sponge and gently scrub your skin for a total-body exfoliation. For stain removal, use a wet pumice sponge and cleanser to gently scrub your skin until the stain is gone.
Your pumice sponge has been designed to disintegrate slowly with each use. Allow your sponge to air dry between uses.

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