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It’s hard to find a good balance between a fragrance that’s going to overpower everyone in the room and one that is so faint that you can’t smell it after an hour.  The trick to maintaining a subtle, yet pleasant, scent throughout the day is to layer your fragrance.  Layering involves using a bath or shower gel, and a lotion or fragrance, with the same scent.  If you’re concerned about chemicals in traditional personal care products, you may not be so eager to layer them on.  But thanks to Sow Good, you don’t have to worry about piling on possibly harmful additives.

The inspiration for Sow Good was to give women a way to smell beautiful, all day, every day, with natural, non-chemical ingredients. All of our fragrances and bath products are certified by the Natural Products Association, so you can feel confident that you’re putting safe, premium natural ingredients on your skin. They are free from sulfates, phthalates, parabens, propylene glycol, artificial color, gluten and petrochemicals.  All formulas are also vegan, pH skin compatible, not tested on animals and biodegradable.

With four fine fragrance blends to choose from, you can begin your day with a multitasking shampoo/body wash that will leave your skin and hair lightly scented.  You can then layer with the matching Sow Good eau de parfum to enhance the staying power.  By dabbing the fragrance on your pulse points throughout the day with the convenient rollerball, you can be assured that your fragrance will remain fresh, but never overpowering.