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A Big KISS from Sow Good Men

Written on 7/18/12

Have you guys ever heard of the KISS principal?  It’s an acronym for “Keep it Simple, Stupid”.  We think that’s a bit harsh, and we recently watched Magic Mike, so we prefer to say, “Keep it Simple, Studs”.  OK, we don’t really say that because it’s a bit cheesy, but the point is that we think that the KISS principal is essential for our Men’s products.    

We’ve talked to a lot of men and, though most of them care about looking and smelling good, the overwhelming sentiment was to “keep it simple”.  Complicated grooming routines might be fun as an occasional treat but when it comes to everyday, the quicker the better.  That’s why we’ve had so many positive comments about our Sow Good Men’s 3-in-1.  

Guys, seriously… one bottle for head-to-toe cleaning and moisturizing.  Our natural, gentle formulas are perfect for your hair and skin.  They wash away dirt and oil but won’t leave you feeling dry.  Plus, they make great shave gels.  Just rub a small amount onto your wet skin and you’ll get a slick, smooth surface for a close shave, with no dryness or irritation.  

So, whether you prefer an uplifting blend of cedarwood and citrus oils (Woods), calming mix of bergamot, cinnamon and pepper (Spice) or the invigorating scent of mint with a touch of orange and rosemary (Mint), you’ll get the same great performance from all of our 3-in-1 washes.  Try one out today and let us know what you think!

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