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World Water Day

Written on 3/22/12

Did you know that today is World Water Day? And now that you know, are you wondering what it's all about? World Water Day began in 1993 by the United Nations as an international day to celebrate freshwater. This year's theme is Water and Food Security. We love this for two reasons. The first is that sustainability is always top of mind for us. Our entire beauty tools division is based on that belief. We were committed to providing European-made, affordable nippers, scissors and tweezers in 1968 and we still are today. We're so confident that you'll have your Sow Good beauty tools for years and years that we Guarantee them for Life! The second reason we're excited about World Water Day's theme is because we're so proud to support Water for People, and sustainable water supplies are at the core of their mission. To celebrate World Water Day, I'm going to focus on reducing waste in my own home and talking to the kids about how freshwater is critical to providing the food on our table. I'll also look out at the lake and be thankful to live so close to a freshwater resource. Do you have ample access to freshwater? I'd love to hear about the things you do to help sustain freshwater resources!

(photograph by Ryan Wilson

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